About us

About us

Since 2008, my work ethic principle of taking care of customers first, then computers has resulted in thousands of satisfied business and private clients in North, Alabama, a majority of whom have since become our returning customers.

I treat each single computer issue or project as if it were our own, which results in efficient results and a reasonable pricing fee (as we finish everything ahead of the schedule, and not lagging behind it)…

CH PC Repair was one of the first tech repair companies to propagate the of free computer drop-off diagnostic service. That’s because I strongly believe each customer should know exactly what the computer repair and cost is before approving the work. I will visit your office or home during the same day, typically within a couple of hours, to resolve your IT request.

Why We’re the Best

Top-notch Parts

Should your desktop or a laptop computer ever need to have either of its parts of the hardware to be replaced, be sure that our stock of high-quality replacement parts will make that possible!

Skilled Technicians

A team of our computer technicians, with a combined practice spanning over a few decades, will be able to help you with absolutely any kind of a tech issue that you might ever bump into! Their total vast practice span is simply amazing!


Servicing thousands of customers per year, the focus to providing a top-notch, personalized and fast service is always on our mind! This means that despite having many clients. our technicians dedicate the time required for each of them!

Affordable Pricing

As opposed to a majority of other tech support and technical repair providers, we never try to take advantage of you and make you pay astronomical fees! Our pricing policy is always fair and balanced!

Our Team

Chad Harbin

Chad Harbin



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